About Us


To showcase Arizona artists
To support a US/Mexico cultural exchange
To provide a cultural tourism attraction
To celebrate the cultural diversity of the region
To organize a major fundraiser for Pima County non-profits
Tucson-Pima Arts Council (TPAC) is coordinating the project
Non-profits work with TPAC to identify potential sponsors
Sponsors make a $6,000 per pony tax-deductible contribution to TPAC to fund:
a life-size pony form
an honorarium to the artist
printed materials, media and marketing efforts
project coordination
a gala auction fundraiser
TPAC will issue a Call to Artists from which a Selection Committee will provide a roster of eligible artists
Sponsors will partner with a non-profit to select artist from roster
TPAC, sponsors and the partnering non-profit will select location for ponies
First ponies unveiled at the Family Arts Festival, La Placita, January 19, 2003 and Mayor’s Costume Ball for the Arts, March 1, 2003 at TCC
Gala auction at La Paloma, November 2, 2003, to benefit non-profit organizations (70% to non-profits, 12% to artist, 18% to TPAC)
Community-wide and international project
High visibility for sponsors, artists and non-profits
Ponies throughout region and into Mexico for all to enjoy
TPAC coordinates: call to artists, sponsorship solicitation, selection of pony sites, gala auction
TPAC creates Ponies del Pueblo website
Sponsors name non-profit organization that will benefit from their donation